Lendager Group is specialized in promoting circular economy within future cities, buildings and companies across its three legs: Lendager ARC, Lendager UP and Lendager TCW.

The cross-disciplinary fundament of the company and our unique approach to our work facilitates the possibility of identifying sustainable potentials for companies, public administration and other organizations, as well as offering concrete solutions to the challenges that each assignment contains.

Regardless of whether a project is developed by one company or in a constellation of all three companies in Lendager Group, it will always be carried out with a solid foundation in holistic sustainability – and the final product will always seek to balance social, economic and environmental aspects.

Lendager Group offers an innovative approach to the dissemination of circular economy and the new business models that arise from this shift. We contribute to creating a future where economic growth is decoupled from greenhouse gas emissions. Because we can show through pioneering development projects that theories and ambitions can be translated into tangible results that make a real difference!

Lendager ARC was founded with the explicit goal of becoming the leading sustainable architectural office in Denmark. As architects, urban planners and consultants we ensure that sustainability is integrated into projects right from the first sketch and meeting. We work this way because we firmly believe that circular construction, upcycled materials and a broad knowledge about resource efficiency is essential in the future of architecture and construction.

Lendager UP provides upcycled building materials and was started after we noticed a rising demand for locally produced upcycle products. With our knowledge of waste resources and their lost potential as well as an innovative approach to product development, Lendager UP knows how to create aesthetic products that live up to all technical, environmental and legislative requirements.

Lendager TCW has been created out of a wish to be one of the driving forces behind a sustainable revolution in Denmark. With our comprehensive knowledge of circular economy, we research potentials and develop strategies for organizations that want to learn how sustainability can become a core parameter in their business. As consultants we offer variety of analyses, strategies, workshops etc. regarding resource efficiency and material flows.


Anders Lendager is architect MAA, founder and CEO of Lendager Group – an innovative company that works in the built environment and specialized in cost neutral sustainable buildings with specific focus on circular economy.

Anders Lendager has throughout the last many years sought insight into what sustainability is today, and what it should be in the future. Since his master thesis (a research base with CO2-sequestration facilities on the ice on the North Pole) he has been researching far and wide to get the broadest possible understanding of sustainability.

He is an expert, first mover and thought leader within circular economy and works towards a long-term goal of developing Lendager Group into a world-leading company within circular economy and resource efficiency across three main areas: architecture and urban planning, strategy and analysis, and upcycle product development.