• We source our building materials locally

  • The more than 50,000 buildings
    ready for demolition are our resources

  • Waste is our biggest resource


In Lendager ARC aesthetics, sustainability, quality and the relationship with the surroundings is the starting point for working with architecture. Therefore, we build holistically and take into account the relationship between resources, materials, humans, surroundings and biodiversity.


We work with Built Metabolism and Urban Metabolism. For us this means that we view the city as a living organism – a body.

We look at how the different parts of the body of the city and building are connected and how each of them are vital to the survival of the city in its entirety. As well as this, we are interested in what the city feeds on – so that it can stay healthy and able to regenerate. In this way we create regenerative and resilient buildings and cities.

In Lendager ARC we believe that buildings, urban spaces and cities can facilitate good health, heightened quality of life and help reduce climate change. This means that the first thing we do is to look at which material, social and energy resources are available – and how these can be administrated through architecture.

Sustainable architecture is an opportunity to move from problem to solution by creating regenerative cities. We do this by focusing on where the client is – and by understanding where each project has its biggest potential. Thus we can create aesthetic and cost neutral sustainable architecture.


We believe that urbanization, cities and buildings must be viewed as a major part of the solution for tackling global scale problems. For us, sustainability is always at the core of the project and something that adds value to a project – and never an extra expense. That is why urbanization, heightened quality of life, sustainability and growth are not each other’s opposites, rather they are each other’s prerequisite.