The project “Livsstykke” in Seest, Denmark won in the first phase and qualified for the second phase.

In the jury report “Livsstykke” is praised for being a “coherent and original proposal for a low-rise high density residential project based on broadly founded analysis and a strong vision of sustainable social housing, both aware of tradition as well as being contemporary”. “In its entirety the proposal is, in many ways, a unique, original and value-driven project that in a very thought out manner challenges our ideas of the future of social housing.”

Livsstykke is planned with a wish to create informal and formal meetings where communities can arise and thrive!


Social housing

3525 m²

Denmark, Seest


Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikter

Kolding Kommune






Delivered – 1st prize



Partner in charge: Anders Lendager

Employees: Christian Fursund, Christopher Carlsen, Ronnie Markussen


Eco-siting seeks to retain the natural landscape as much as possible, as well as using the existing topography to create an overall disposition of the area into four distinct housing clusters. The current greenery is supplemented with fruit trees, bushes and garden. The housing will stand out as a green urban breathing space with a wide range of sustainable facilities and functions for both inhabitants of “Livsstykke” and its surroundings.


The Eco-lective is defined by four housing clusters that have been given each their identity: the Resource cluster, the Water cluster, the Energy cluster and the Bio cluster. Each cluster has its own specific sustainable functions and activities that are shared between all the clusters. This has been done to strengthen interactions and a sense of community throughout the development.

A unique element in the clusters is the covered conservatory area which comprises the common area between the houses and creates a unique indoor climate in this buffer zone. The added climate screen creates a milder climate during several more months than otherwise possible in an outdoor zone, making it possible to cultivate vegetables and herbs or hold birthday parties ‘outdoors’ almost all year round.


Eco-struct defines the houses in “Livsstykke”, which are simple, individual and at the same time share a common structure that defines the covered courtyard that defines the cluster. The daylight and views from the homes are important parameters for the well-being and health of the inhabitants. Therefore, big glazed areas have been integrated towards private gardens as well as facing the common areas in the clusters. All homes have an integrated eco-chimney that both serves as a channel for natural ventilation as well as letting daylight in to the stairwell and ground floor.