Together with KHR Architects Lendager Arkitekter have submitted a competition entry regarding the transformation of Rønne’s old public swimming pool into a building that caters more to modern demands. THE BLUE HOUSE ‘RH2O’ is a modern swimming pool with health facilities, recreational offers and a high level of accessibility.

The proposal is also a sustainable renovation project that integrates economical, environmental, social and cultural measures into a resource optimized and realistic project.

The proposal operates with three success criteria: to minimize environmental impact, to work in an economically viable way, and to enhance the quality of life for users of all ages.


Cultural building

3.500 m²

Denmark, Rønne


Bornholms Regionskommune

Lokale og Anlægsfonden



OBH Ingeniører





Partner in charge: Anders Lendager

Project leader: Christopher Carlsen

Employees: Morten Bang, Kristine Jacobsen, Rune Sjöstedt Sode, Sebastian Faurschou, Signe Balthazar Munk


Bornholm – Bright Green Island – has in the last few years shown itself to be a place with visionary projects pioneering new ways of sustainable development. Currently attention is being given to optimizing the resource usage of the island and rethinking what it means to live sustainably.

Bright Green Island shows a will to work at the front-line of the fight against climate change and a wish to live in harmony with nature. Therefore Bornholm not only focuses on the environmental aspects of sustainability, but also on the social and economical aspects.


The main focus for the transformation of Rønne Swimming Pool has been an expansion of functions on offer, so that the building can attract a larger proportion of the inhabitants. This will also increase revenue, whereby the project’s financial time frame is compressed and allows for even more sustainable solutions.

The transformation preserves the successful elements in the building and adds new, exciting opportunities and spatial experiences that match the needs of the local area. To achieve this research has been made to identify potential users and their needs, which has been translated into a spatial programme to match.


If Rønne Swimming Pool is to the levels of ambition set in the project Bright Green Island, the building must have an environmentally sound approach to renovation that reaches beyond standard practice. This is why the proposal seeks to achieve a building class 2015 certification, making the project a best practice showcase for sustainability on all levels.

This requires a creative approach to energy optimisation, daylight optimisation, solar screening, passive properties, active systems and much more. These measures must be an integrated part of the geometry, spatial layout, façade design, water handling etc. so that the building not only is sustainable, but also shows people that it is.