The project ‘The Green House’ is a residential building that through its versatile architecture and mixed functions integrates into and becomes a dynamic and value-adding element within the context of Holmbladsgade, Copenhagen. The building’s focus on sustainability lies in direct relation to Copenhagen’s Climate Plan and uses innovative solutions to move the definition of sustainability even further than before. This is done by designing with all three sustainable categories in the Brundtland report in mind; environmental, social and economical sustainability. By integrating all three aspects, a holistic approach is ensured, and a future-proof architecture emerges, where environmental impact, well-being and healthy living as well as economical feasibility all are included in the equation.

Therefore, in the Green House, we have created an atmosphere and an architecture that supports and encourages living a healthy life. The well-being of the inhabitants is of high priority, and it should be made easy and natural to live sustainably.


Residential and commercial

10.000 m²

Denmark, Copenhagen


Private developer






Partner in charge: Anders Lendager

Project Leader: Christopher Carlsen

Employees: Christian Fursund, Rune Sjöstedt Sode, Signe Balthazar Munk


Holmbladsgade 113 is a significant address in Copenhagen at the moment. The area is experiencing rapid (re)development and because of this the building will become very centrally placed in the area, on the threshold between housing, offices and small industry as well as near lots of green and blue areas. Sports facilities and the open landscape can easily be reached by bike and metro that runs close by.

With close reach lie many opportunities for cultural and leisure activities making it easy to choose an active and healthy life here in the area. Kløvermarken (The Clover Field) which lies close nearby is one of the biggest and most important sports facilities, its abundant swathes of green turf facilitating many a sporting event throughout the year. Apart from this, Amager Strandpark (Amager Beach Park) is 1200m away which puts this fantastic interface with the water within easy walking-distance. Childcare, kindergartens, schools etc. are also plentiful in the vicinity and can all be reached by walking, thereby reducing the need for car transport.


The Green House, as a modern perimeter block building with a south-facing yard and shopping in the ground floor spaces, easily integrates to the urban fabric and simultaneously allows spaces and areas for the residents to meet and relax on the raised yard space on the first floor.

The main concept of The Green House has been developed through a design process that has focused on a wide range of different issues that all strive to realise the greatest amount of environmental, social as well as economical sustainability. This results in special attention on geometry, energy supply, biodiversity, water handling, waste handling, accessibility, sharing, indoor climate, health, energy efficiency and production, materials as well as flexibility. As an example of this, the outside of the building is clad with a grid structure that allows an innovative green façade where every housing unit has access to their own vegetable plot right next to the kitchen.