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This Privacy Notice describes how we handle and protect your personal data in connection with Lendager Group’s recruiting processes.

Personal data means information that identifies job applicants and potential candidates for employment, e.g. name, contact information, work/educational history, achievements, and test results. Also, we may collect personal data about you from third parties to the extent this is permitted by applicable law.

By submitting your personal data to us, you accept that:

  • You have read and understood Lendager Group Privacy Notice
  • We process your personal data, either if it has been submitted as part of an online application, as an e-mail or through alternative channels
  • Your personal data submitted to us must be true and correct representations to your best knowledge and belief. Providing any inaccurate information may make you ineligible for employment
  • We may continue to retain and use your personal data for a period of time for administration purposes or future roles. Thereafter, we retain only a minimum amount of your personal data.

If you have any questions about Lendager Group Recruitment Privacy Notice, please contact us at:

Lendager Group

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The new Reform kitchen, UP by Lendager, is made of solid wood. What makes it unique is that the wood comes from upcycled offcuts that would otherwise have ended up as waste.

Waste is a resource that can be upcycled to give it a new life. At Lendager Group we are experts in upcycling materials that would otherwise have been dumped. One example is the new Reform kitchen, UP by Lendager. The kitchen is made of solid wood from exclusive offcuts that would otherwise have ended up as waste.

“The Reform Kitchen, UP by Lendager Group, is inspired by classic Nordic craftsmanship. It is designed by Lendager Group using excess materials that would otherwise have been dumped. The wood comes from high-quality offcuts from the exclusive wooden flooring company, Dinesen, which delivers floors to galleries, restaurants and homes throughout the world. We upcycle the material and give it a new life, thus helping to solve a waste problem as well as a climate problem,” explained Anders Lendager, CEO of the Lendager Group.

The kitchen is produced and sold by the Danish kitchen manufacturer Reform. The company produces high-quality kitchens in collaboration with the best Danish and internationally recognised architects and designers.

Photos by Reform