In Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen, Lendager Group has won the competition for a building plot with the project Upcycle Studios (3500m2). In this project we make the very best of a challenging plot wedged in between residential and commercial buildings and create some unique housing units tailored to the modern families’ needs and lifestyle.

Many of us know that it can be difficult to find the right work-life balance. In our flexible project Upcycle Studios we take this ubiquitous problem seriously and present an architectural solution. Because in Upcycle Studios you have the possibility to use the entire house for a big family, use part of the house for office space or you can even divide the house into two and rent out the one part. Imagine being able to cut out commuting time and being able to spend more time with the family. This is possible here.

Upcycle Studios also takes sustainability very seriously and emphasizes upcycled materials in the construction. The big, beautiful window areas are made out of end-of-life windows from renovation projects, and the concrete used is our in-house developed upcycle concrete, where the aggregate used is crushed recycled concrete – something that saves the environment a lot of CO2-emissions.

We are looking forwards to inviting you in to Upcycle Studios.


Link  to By & Havn.