We are at LENDAGER ARCHITECTS very proud to present you our latest sustainable exploration. BEACHHOUSE is located in the stunning surroundings of Fanø and the World Heritage listed Wadden Sea. This particular context requires a consistent sustainable construction with a minimal footprint – literally as well as metaphorically. Our most important job is to let the landscape and strong community speak for itself.

“Fanø is the story of wind, water and the rugged natural beauty. A story of mobile bathrooms, a racetrack, even a runway on the beach. The story of a relentless nature and its importance of the islands very existence. It is a story of which the wind and beaches has played, and still play a key role in the island’s self-understanding, and the island’s attractiveness to the many whom annually visit Fanø. The wind forms the dunes and the beach, and provides Fanø the unique nature that each year attracts and fascinates tourists from around the world. The wind has through all the times, been an integrated part of Fanø, and a life forming element of the island.” – LENDAGER ARCHITECTS