Lendager Architects is growing strongly and has hired Lene Damsbo Brix, architect MA MAA, as director. She will help us insure continued growth and work with professionalizing the strategic development of the company in collaboration with owner and architect Anders Lendager.

Lendager Architects is in the middle of a time of great development with many big projects landing on our tables and a whole host of new faces at the company throughout 2015. Therefore, the company has hired Lene Damsbo Brix, architect MA MAA, as our new director. Lene Damsbo Brix comes from Core Arkitekter where she worked as a partner and director for 15 years and brings with her comprehensive knowledge about the architectural business in practice as well as corporate and employee development.

Growth and strategic development

Lene will be responsible for ensuring continual growth as well as strengthening and professionalizing the strategic development of the company within the established working ideology and DNA of Lendager Architects – to create sustainable solutions based on circular thinking. Lene Damsbo Brix on this topic:

“I see great potential at Lendager Architects and I am looking forward to strengthening the company in collaboration with architect and owner Anders Lendager. The company currently at a fork in the road which requires more visible leadership, and I know what it takes to ensure that the employees and the company develop in tandem. Paramount to this is the acknowledgment of the unique DNA of the company which must be retained throughout the professionalization. To ensure this, we will divide the responsibility between us, so Anders Lendager takes care of the professional development, while I work as the administrative and organizational leader.”

Lene Damsbo Brix’ strength lies in her solid experience as an architect and company leader which enables her to do business based on professional knowledge of the architectural field and through thorough understanding of the processes within our field.

”Becoming better at what we’re good at”

Lendager Architects core competence is creating sustainable solutions within the three legs of the company: architecture and urban development, strategy and analysis, product development. The three legs exist as separate companies, but are joined under one umbrella. They work across fields and constantly deliver knowledge to each other in a circular process, and will therefore be developed in parallel. Anders Lendager explains:

We must spend our energy on getting even better at what we’re already good at. We’re moving from developing ideas to realizing them, and must therefore develop all three legs of the company simultaneously. It is important for us to maintain our DNA and ideology, also in a time of growth, and sustainability is a driving factor in any assignment we work on. If we can’t see our own identity in the project, we don’t take it. In this sense we are uncompromising.

If I were to take charge of the forthcoming transformation of our company regarding structure and strategy, we would lose our DNA. Therefore, I have chosen Lene to take charge of this, and I am sure that she is the right person to take care of recruitment, quality assurance and development of our company, so it can strengthen and grow.”

For more information, contact Lene Damsbo Brix on: +45 51 24 97 94 or Anders Lendager on: +45 61 28 00 11.