“A more valuable recycling of concrete waste” is the starting point for this project which strives to show new ways of recycling concrete in new buildings – a project that has been funded with DKK 3.700.000 (€495.000) by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency‘s development programme MUDP (Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Programme).

As part of the transition to a more resource efficient society, the use of recycled concrete in the building sector is a major improvement and a step in the right direction. With this ambitious project the prospects and possibilities for using crushed building waste as aggregate in new concrete will be uncovered. The project will consists of strategies for dismantling of existing buildings as well as production, testing and demonstration of recycled concrete in new constructions. Development of recycled concrete elements that are designed for reuse will also be covered.

At Lendager Arkitekter we are looking forward to delving into the project which will be under way for the next two years in collaboration with Pelican Denmark Holding A/S, Pelcon Materials & Testing Aps and LH Hockerup.