In collaboration with Pluskontoret Arkitekter, MOE Consulting Engineers and doctor Torben Sigsgaard Ph.D. Lendager Arkitekter won the competition “Sunde Boliger” (Healthy Homes). This means that we will be designing three buildings for Realdania Byg, each being built and designed with three different approaches: ‘Now-tech’, ‘Low-tech’ and ‘High-tech’.

When taking a look at international surveys of air quality and indoor climate it becomes clear that it is high time to focus on this area of architectural practice. Surveys show that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, 62% of our time at home, and that 1,3 billion people die every year from air pollution and bad indoor climate. In Denmark statistics show that 1,2 million people have allergies which results in 290.000 annual sick days, 1,6 million inefficient working days per year and an economical burden on our society of 37 billion DKK annualy.

At Lendager Arkitekter we are looking forward to developing sustainable homes with an objective to reduce the amount of harmful particles in the home and create the highest possible quality of life for the inhabitants. We are excited to work with furthering the knowledge on healthy indoor climate and yet again move the boundaries regarding how sustainably we can build.

You can view our competition proposal on our website here and read more about the thoughts behind the project on Realdanias website here.