Lendager Arkitekter have designed a building for Pelican Self Storage that sets new standards for sustainable building practice and waste handling. Current practice when demolishing concrete buildings is to crush the concrete making it useful for only one thing, aggregate for roads. The concrete industry believes that sustainable recycling of concrete already exists, because they recycle 96% of the material. But is it really a sustainable solution to crush concrete and throw it in to the ground under roads? Lendager Arkitekter challenge this paradigm and show a new way forward by reusing the crushed concrete on site to create new concrete. In reality, this means that you don’t need to dig new gravel out of the ground to create the concrete for the new building, thus minimizing the extraction of virgin material.

Pelican Self Storage on Prags Boulevard wants to become an integrated part of the area and to create good surroundings for the local inhabitants. Until recently there were several old industrial buildings on site that were used temporarily for creative workshops that were popular both with locals and visitors. To keep the creativity bubbling in the area, workshops for the locals have been integrated into the new storage building. The workshops are oriented towards Prags Boulevard and help establish an openness towards the surroundings, something usually not present in storage buildings. In conjunction with the storage facility an urban garden of 600m2 will also be established for the locals to grow vegetables in, a reference to the make-shift urban gardens that were present previously.