Finally cheap user-friendly (kind of), sustainable 3D-printers are readily available – at Lendager we just got our hands on our own machine.

We love model bulding and we view this design approach as an important step on the way towards great projects, both within architecture and planning as well as in upcycle product development. With our new 3D-printer a new workflow of rapid prototyping and iterative designs of our projects becomes a lot easier and we will hopefully be able to wring even more great ideas out into physical models than before.

As everything else in the office, we have looked for the most sustainable product available. Therefore we print in PLA, a type of bioplastic that is made from starch from e.g. corn or beet. PLA, as opposed to other types of thermoplastics, is not made of fossil-based fuels, but still has the same material qualities: being able to be melted quickly and reused immediately. PLA is biodegradable and can easily be reduced to its natural chemical components, making it perfect for integration in a cradle-to-cradle cycle. Last but not least PLA has a lower melting point than many other plastics meaning that less energy is needed to create a 3D-print.

We are looking forward to extruding a whole load of models right here in the office!