At Lendager Group we’re proud to be able to present the visions for a new local recycling station in Nordhavn, Copenhagen (DK), a project that is expected to be completed within 2016. The project will be a best practice example of how waste can become upcycle building materials. When you enter the recycling station in Nordhavn, you will be welcomed by the “material wall” which is built out of upcycled materials from diferent waste fractions, which gives visual cues as to how to sort your waste properly and efficiently. For example, part of the wall is constructed from recycled glass, indicating that this is the place to hand in your glass waste, another made out of recycled wood etc.

The local recycling station will become a gathering point for the local society and will become a hub for recycling and exchange of resources and ideas. It can offer space for lectures, for example about the processes that the waste goes through before it can become a valuable resource again. In the middle of the recycling centre you will find the swap-rack. Here you can hand in things you don’t need any longer, that could be useful to other people. In the event of anything needing a small repair, this can be sorted in the adjacent workshop. The swap-rack can also be rolled out onto the area in front of the building for flea markets in the weekends thereby extending the reach of the recycling station further into the public domain.

At Lendager Group we believe in a future without waste, and with the local recycling station in Nordhavn we have developed a concrete example of how waste can become one of the most important resources of the future – and made a place that makes waste handling a lot easier at the same time.

Read more about the project here.