This Saturday on 1 September 2018 DR TV AVISEN interviewed Anders Lendager at Upcycle Studios and The Resource Rows in Copenhagen!

In the TV-spot DR talks to Rasmus Jarlov (Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs) and Anders Lendager about his view on The Government’s new ‘Strategy for circular economy’. The strategy is launched to switch Denmark to circular economy, where the value of materials are used fully – with minimized waste.

And yes, they misspelled Anders’ last navn. But the message is perfectly said!

In the two projects, our team uses upcycle bricks, upcycle windows, upcycle wood and upcycle concrete.

The Resource Rows and Upcycle Studios are developed in close collaboration with our sustainable friends from Arkitektgruppen, NREP and MOE.

See the TV-spot in DR TV AVISEN from 11:10.

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