The Danish architect-centered Lendager Strategy and the The Circular Way Consulting have joined forces in a merger to offer specialized and multidisciplinary strategy consulting, focusing on the transition to circular economy. The Circular Way by Lendager Group – as they are called now – thus aims to strengthen the link between profitable business, innovation and sustainability on a practical as well as strategic level.


Lately, private companies and politicians have become aware of the huge potential stored in circular economy, opening up for sustainable businesses befitting both corporations, society and environment at one and the same time. Yet, the distance between budding ideas and real, large scale action can often seem far and uncrossable. That is exactly why Ditte Lysgaard Vind, founder of The Circular Way, and Anders Lendager, CEO of Lendager Group, plans to offer visionary but hands-on consulting that unites thought and action by generating profit on all three bottom lines.


The merger comes in the wake of a longer partnership between The Circular Way and Lendager Group. After having succeeded with creating great awareness of waste as valuable resources through the Wasteland exhibition in Copenhagen, they have now decided to lead the circular revolution in Denmark and abroad. Starting with proving that profit and environmental responsibility goes hand in hand as prerequisites – not as opposites.



Lendager Group has had great success with developing innovative solutions for the build environment – especially through methods of recirculating concrete, plastic bottles, wooden panels and used car tires. Established in the spring of 2016, The Circular Way has built up a strong fundament for strategic development and communication related to the circular economy and its different business models. The merger is therefore an attempt to couple strategic and practical knowledge in an interdisciplinary platform that provides consulting on state of the art solutions of the transition from linear to circular economy.



The merger also means that The Circular Way by Lendager Group will be looking for a new CEO to strengthen the dream of using circular economy as the key to a more sustainable future. Are you the right person for the job? Learn more about the position right here.