Lendager Group and our planning department, Urban Metabolism, are on fire at the moment!

The talented team with BOGL, Lendager Group, Sloth Møller and architect MAA Knud Aarup Kappel has won the competition to revitalize the old Slaughterhouse area in the heart of Holstebro, Denmark. The winner proposal ‘Let’s Meet’ was announced to the public by Holstebro Municipality on Wednesday afternoon.



Through the last decade new ‘culture rooms’ have emerged and grown in both Denmark and Europe. The culture rooms have created city growth, city life, tourism and an increased interest for food culture, street art and other creative professions. A common thing for all of them is that they contain different forms of culture, they are intercultural and link creative companies, workshops and educations – and represent a strong supplement to the fine cultural institutions. The winner team embraces this development in the announced landscape plan, where the culture life of The Slaughterhouse is spread into the whole city.


“The winner project makes The Slaughterhouse and the whole Culture Park a driver for a new culture- and knowledge city district. A city district carried by a core story about new communities, collaborations and synergies between culture, creative business, educational institutions, citizens and the municipality.”

– Anders Lendager, Founder and CEO of Lendager Group



The voluntary organization called The Culture Division in Holstebro has through a number of years created a vibrant culture house in the old slaughterhouse, which is full of life and attracts a broad variety of users. Now the culture life of The Slaughterhouse will be spread out in so-called ‘culture cubes’ around the city district. The culture cubes are a series of constructions arising out of The Slaughterhouse’s structure and are placed as ‘mini slaughterhouses” in the city district.


“The success of The Slaughterhouse and The Culture Division in Holstebro shows the great demand for new informal urban platforms for creativity, activity and communities. The culture cubes spread, in a playful and innovative way, The Slaughterhouse’s core idea about ‘room for unordinary partnerships’ into city district. The culture cubes challenge the function split city and create room for landscape links between culture, knowledge, health, urban and people – a modern decentralized culture landscape.”

– Stig Ammitzbøll Jørgensen, Creative Leader of Urban Metabolism at Lendager Group


In the project the team embraces the energy and the new tendencies, which the new slaughterhouse area represents and spreads out in the surrounding city. This is implemented through the development of dynamic and green urban spaces around The Slaughterhouse – creating spaces for meetings, collaborations and communities across the city district.


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