Vardagslivet (Everyday Life) is a vision plan and strategy for densification of the areas Övre and Stadsparkkvartern in Sweden’s southernmost town, Trelleborg. The project is developed as part of a parallel tender for Trelleborg Municipality, that Lendager Group was prequalified for together with Arkitema Architects.

The proposal’s angle on the urban development of the future is to create the framework for the best, easiest and most sustainable everyday life for the coming inhabitants of Trelleborg. Because it’s in our everyday life that our life is lived, and it’s the daily small interactions and exchanges that shape most of our existence.

Through our analyses, a whole range of physical and organisational problems were discovered, but at the same time, an image of an area with many unrealised potentials started to appear. Övre’s history as Trelleborg’s infrastructural core and resource centre became the starting point for an innovative approach to urban development based on the water-food-energy nexus model, where the resource flows of a city are understood and interpreted as connected and mutually dependent systems.

Based on the municipality’s own focus points within gender equality and sound environment we developed operational tools for the future planning of not only Övre, but for the whole of Trelleborg. This approach showed the municipality which possibilities it has to control urban development regarding themes that usually receive very little attention in common planning practice.