Lendager Group has just finished the interior furnishing of the company Chora Connection’s new 300m2 office space.

CHORA CONNECTIONS’s mission is to act as a catalyst to drive concrete behavioural change towards a sustainable society in Denmark; challenging people’s current mind-sets that hinder the transition as well as innovating on-the-ground sustainable practices. Naturally this requires their office to be an example of how this works in practice; a space were functional needs, aesthetic qualities and sustainable practice merge.

The interior design of Chora Connections new office is a project that we are incredibly proud of at Lendager Group. First and foremost because we have established our first take-back arrangement with regard to the upcycle products that we have produced and supplied. By taking the products back when they end their useful life at Chora, we can ensure that the products can live on under different circumstances or in another usage scenario, thereby ensuring the greatest material value for the longest amount of time.

This assignment has also shown clearly that Lendager Group benefits from its organizational constellation of daughter companies specializing within different aspects of sustainability. In this case, Lendager Arkitekter have designed the interior and the furniture, which in turn has been produced, supplied and ultimately will be taken back by Lendager Up.

Our inner resource warrior is excited about seeing this new way of offering services and products in a sustainable manner realized in a modern office environment – we are sure to see more of this kind of circular approach in the future!


Green wall


Upcycle shelf system


Upcycled plank table


Upcycled windows as room divider


Telephone booth with upcycled wood and PET-felt


Upcycled glass fibre table tops