New projects simply just keep on coming to Lendager Group!

Our strong team consisting of Lendager Architects, The Circular Way by Lendager Group, NIRAS and Social Development Center SUS is proud to have been prequalified for the strategic development plan for the deprived residential area Stengårdsvej in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Stengårdsvej is one of three pilot projects in Realdania’s initiative “Boligliv i balance”. The strategic development plan will create a new joint story and identity for the residential area and the surrounding city. The prequalified teams have been chosen based on their great interdisciplinarity, great references and a fine task understanding – where Team Lendager now will compete with our talented industry colleagues Team Vandkunsten and Team COWI.

We look very much forward to working on our offer with an ambition to convert the deprived residential area into a vibrant and functioning city district closely linked with the surrounding city!

Learn more about the project and Realdania’s fantastic work HERE.

Photo: Esbjerg Municipality | Torben Meyer