This is fantastic news! Our upcycle brick modules developed by Lendager Up are now processed and ready to be implemented in our housing project The Resource Rows in Copenhagen. We are very proud to see the aesthetic and sustainable result.

The bricks are reused from abandoned houses and industrial buildings – which reduces the CO2 emission in the construction phase, when no new products are produced. The bricks are processed and stacked up in order to create the walls for The Resource Rows at the end. The reason why the bricks are cut out in square modules is that the mortar between the bricks is more durable than the actual brick. Thus you cannot recycle the brick individually – so Lendager Up did their very best in developing this innovative upcycle method in order to recycle the resource.

The solution can be scaled and applied in projects no matter size.

The Resource Rows are developed in collaboration with NREP, Arkitektgruppen and MOE. The project is due to be completed in the summer 2019.