In Lisbjerg on the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark, Lendager Group has won the competition for a new 1.5ha housing area. The project delves deeply into resource efficiency and explores how resource thinking can add value and character to greenfield building projects. Especially the material approach is very special to the project, due to the way that it taps into the unrealised potential of reusing the huge amounts of building waste from the Aarhus area. Therefore the name “Made in Aarhus”.

The project Made in Aarhus is an example of how urban metabolism and ambitious resource thinking can create new housing areas that addresses two issues at one time: global resource scarcity and sustainability problems as well as the individual’s right to light, clean air, human scale, spatial variation, sense of belong and community as well as proximity to nature as well as the city.

We are looking forwards to continuing the work in Lisbjerg! If you want to know more about the development area, information can be found on Aarhus Kommunes website.