We are pleased to be able to welcome Kathrine, Sasha and Sulla to the team.

KATHRINE N. BREJNEROD is a specialist in life cycle analysis (LCA).
Kathrine is a qualified civil engineer (MSc. Architectural Engineering) and has previously worked at Teknologisk Institut (Centre for Sustainable Building). In her thesis she worked with defining absolute sustainable building practices through normalisation of LCA results that are based on the Earth’s resources and capacity in relation to the building sector. Apart from her focus on LCA, Kathrine is specialized in integrated energy design and can offer us in-depth knowledge about energy consumption, indoor climate, daylighting etc.

An LCA is an important tool used to assess the potential environmental impacts of a product or a building throughout its entire lifetime. With Kathrine on the team, Lendager Group can work at even greater depths with evidence-based approaches to sustainability within architecture and building component design.

SASHA BECKMANN is specialized in international collaboration, circular economy, transition to green economy, CSR strategies and public affairs as well as strategies for the collaboration between companies, civil society and international political institutions.

Sasha has a MSc. in International Business and Politics from CBS and comes to us from a position as partner in the company Leaderlab. Here Sasha was one of the driving forces behind the establishing of LAUNCH Nordic – an international cooperation platform between actors such as IKEA, NASA, Novozymes, Nike and American and Nordic ministries focusing on upscaling sustainable production methods globally. Previously she has worked as a Project Officer at the think tank Copenhagen Consensus Center.

Sasha will become an important part of Lendager Strategy and will hel pus drive Lendager Group’s increased attention to affecting the national and international market for sustainable solutions. With Sasha aboard, we can add extra layers to the innovative business models that we already are known for developing in Lendager Strategy.

SULLA HANSTEEN is an experienced executive architect with several years of experience of project leadership.
Sulla studied at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen (KADK) and comes to us from a position as architect and project leader at JR Arkitekter in Oslo, Norway. Here has recently completed the building of a 7500m2 primary school for 650 children in the eastern Finnmark of northern Norway, a project he was responsible for as project leader for two years.

With Sulla as part of the team, Lendager Arkitekter stand stronger as all the new projects we have on the drawing board move into the real world to be realised.