It requires very hard work to travel around Denmark with an architecture exhibition, when you are bringing huge mockups of upcycle concrete, brick walls and a lot of other materials!

Right now our team in Kolding works with the last details before the official opening of Wasteland tomorrow. The office travels together to Kolding to experience the exhibition for the first time in full size outside Copenhagen – after the opening at Danish Architecture Centre in January 2017.

We cannot wait showing our beautiful exhibition to the audience in Jutland – which we hope will inspire politicians, companies and citizens to think sustainability and circular economy as part of their daily life and business!

Wasteland opens for the public on 10 February until 15 April 2018. You can experience the exhibition Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 17.00 at Saxovej 12 in Kolding.

Thank you to our fantastic collaborators: Realdania, The Municipality of Kolding and The Triangle Region Denmark.