Now it is happening: Our well reviewed Wasteland-exhibition that opened at Danish Achitecture Centre in January 2017 is now travelling around Denmark!

First stop on the journey is Kolding on Saxovej 12 from 8 February 2018. Wasteland invites you into a world with no resource scarcity. A world where our actions do not affect the climate negatively. And a world where waste does not exist.

We hope that Wasteland will inspire companies, citizens and politicians in Kolding to think and build sustainable – and see the many opportunities in circular architecture.

Lendager Group and the collaborators of the exhibition look forward to showing you how we in collaboration build og enjoy a world, where waste is a valuable resource.

Learn more about Wasteland and hear Anders Lendager’s presentation of the exhibition HERE.

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST Studio.