The Danish Plastics Federation has launched the initiative Forum for circular plastic packaging in Denmark. The forum has in collaboration with Lendager TCW created future solutions on sustainable plastic packaging by gathering stakeholders across the value chain and jointly starting the necessary change.

The forum consists of stakeholders from the whole value chain, where both politicians, packaging manufacturers, food producers, NGOs, retailers, scientists, recycling companies and consultants have been working on the vision and the specific actions.

Today the results was launched in Confederation of Danish Industry in Copenhagen.

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Lendager UP strengthens the management with one of Denmark’s most experienced profiles, Conny Wagner Christophersen, as new Technical Director! Conny has many years of experience in the industry in  NCC and other major companies, which means that she delivers a strong and analytical understanding of the contractor. Furthermore, Conny is member of the presidency in Realdania and board member in Fonden Amager Bakke.


Anders Lendager, CEO and founder of Lendager Group, says about the appointment:

“We want to ensure a competent professionalization, and with Conny’s impressive experience on the contractor side we will deliver a strong, professional and competent understanding of the contractor – and its processes and potentials. Conny is one of the best profiles in the industry, and we are thus incredibly proud to have her as part of Lendager”


Conny has a unique ability to think across the construction process, where she uses her contractor experience to create coherence between the client’s needs, the chosen solutions and the economic framework. Therefore, it is a great strengthening of the Lendager UP profile, when it comes to development and distribution of upcycle building materials as a professional and serious alternative to conventional solutions.


Conny Wagner says about her start in Lendager UP:

“I want to lead the way for sustainable development in the industry – and I am therefore thrilled to start in the job, where I hope that my knowledge and insights in the industry will be useful in the creation of valuable solutions”


Read more about the new appointment in Politiken Byrum.

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Managing Director for Lendager TCW, Ditte Lysgaard Vind, talks about the future business development model in Mandag Morgen.

In the column Ditte addresses the importance of a strong vision and to dare changing the industry’s norms. Because having the courage to constantly challenge the present way of doing things is essential, even though it might seem hard to reach your goal. Exactly as H.C. Andersen’s Klods-Hans did it!

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Sandnes is a city on the South West coast of Norway. The city has a strong tradition of innovation and business. In the 80’s when the oil caused a fast development, Sandnes was a city with great potential due to its localization. But as the situation is today Sandnes faces a change of scene. The climate is changing; new business models in the retail industry; we are running low on resources and the welfare expenses are growing. To meet these challenges, it is essential that a city like Sandnes is making sure to develop in the right direction.

We believe it’s key for cities to develop with thought for climate, socio-economics and citizens to ensure a sustainable future, where we do not ask more from the planet, than we need. And to present a competent solution, we have partnered up with Everyday Studio, Julie Holck and Niras to present our solution. We call this project Norway’s most sustainable gründercity; gründer is Norwegian for innovative.

Sandnes is located on the South Western coast of Norway close to a big fjord, which means the city holds a lot of potential for sustainable and socio-economic development. But also, Sandnes has an infrastructure, which releases active citizenships. In our developing process it has therefore been key to meet the future obstacles in Sandnes with resilient solutions.

To do so, we have connected knowledge of the complexity of the city and its ecosystems with the value of co-creation and place capital. Using this method, it becomes possible to make the city as resistant as possible, when it comes to economical, climate and social aspects – and thereby it will be possible to strengthen Sandnes now and in the long run.

With this project we have demonstrated how it is possible for a city to overcome great changes using responsible development methods.

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Then have a look here! Right now our brick modules by Lendager UP are being mounted in The Resource Rows – a sustainable residential project with 29 row houses and 63 apartments made of upcycle building materials.

In The Resource Rows we do not use conventional bricks. Instead we use our unique brick modules, which Lendager UP has developed with our fantastic collaborators. And the bricks have character and history as a high amount of the bricks come from the old Carlsberg brewery in Valby, Denmark!

Wood from the Copenhagen Metro is also used in the building – without compromising on quality, function and aesthetics. We are tremendously proud once again showing the world how sustainable and circular architecture is created!

The Resource Rows is developed in close collaboration with our friends NREP, Arkitektgruppen and MOE A/S. And the residential project is nominated to Danish Design Award for its innovative and sustainable design!

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At this year’s Annual Meeting in Dansk Byggeri (The Danish Construction Association) sustainability will be the main topic of discussion. The association has thus invited experts and opinion leaders to discuss the problems we are facing – not only today – but also in the future. What is behind sustainability as a term? And do we just need more of that to solve the problems of tomorrow?

At Lendager Group we are of the opinion that we must look at long term solutions. Creating growth on the short term will not help us in the long run. We need to take responsibility for the decisions we are making today – we must take decisions, which are sustainable when it comes to economics, climate and social aspects.

With that in mind Anders Lendager, CEO and founder of Lendager Group, has been invited to speak at the debate with the title ‘Economical Sustainability – is there money in it?’ at the Annual Meeting. Anders will here present various business models used by Lendager Group on doing sustainable business.

Anders is participating in the debate with Marius Møller (CEO of PensionDanmark) and Uffe Drejer (CEO of home).




Every day Lendager UP and our collaborators do an amazing effort in finding old building materials for innovative upcycle products, which we implement in our circular architecture. But we need your help!

At the moment we are looking for brick buildings and other old building materials, which among other projects will be applied in The Resource Rows. And we love huge brick facades in buildings, where Lendager UP and our collaborators can cut out brick modules.

Do you know an old school, industrial building or other large buildings ready for demolition now in the near future? Then contact Søren Brauer on sbr@lendager.com.

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST Studio

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This is absolutely fantastic! Once again we are nominated for Danish Design Award with our upcycle interior in the Copenhagen Towers hotel, which is now a finalist in the category ‘Building Markets’.

The award jury says in its description of the design solution: 

“The Copenhagen Towers hotel in Ørestad has a high sustainability profile, thanks in no small part to the use of recycled materials, which have been incorporated into the building’s interior without compromising aesthetics or quality. In this project, the Lendager Group has found new innovative ways to upcycle used concrete, waste wood and PET plastic bottles, among other elements. That provides an advantage in the rapidly expanding circular economy and has already generated new jobs and economic growth” 

We are immensely grateful for the great collaboration with our friends Solstra Capital Partners, Norrecco, CG Jensen, Pelcon Materials & Testing, Genbyg, Burnblock, Danish Technological Institute, SAP Extreme Racing Team and Raaschou Inventar!

Check out more at Danish Design Award’s website.

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One of the finest and most recognized design awards in Denmark is Danish Design Award. And Lendager is finalist in the category “Visionary Concepts” with The Resource Rows!

The jury says about the design solution:

“In this project, Lendager Group takes on the major challenge of reusing building materials in an ambitious attempt at turning construction waste into a resource in the circular economy. The visionary project reuses building facades as modules in new buildings. That is innovative, and in addition to the sustainability benefit it also adds a historical element to new urban districts and thus provides a framing context for new residents”

Thank you to our clients NREP A/S, Arkitektgruppen A/S and MOE A/S for making sustainable history with us!

Check out more on Danish Design Award’s website.


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OH YES! Lendager has won the assignment to create the new development- and masterplan for the Firskovvej area in Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, Denmark!

The assignment will be developed in collaboration with our fantastic friends Tredje Natur, EKJ Engineering and CBRE. It is a interdisciplinary team with core competences and expertise within urban development, who will create a holistic and unique Firskovvej area with a strong, visionary and innovative urban typology. We will use our competences to affect the urban development in Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality with social, economic, circular and climatic sustainability in mind.

The Firskovvej area is an industrial area close to the station and the city center – and holds a great potential for development and renewal. The area has a blend of housing, business, retail and new urban spaces.

Now we will renew the industrial area to a dense, diverse and vibrant neighbourhood of high architectural quality. A neighbourhood with its own profile and identity that gives the citizens unique experiences in the future Firskovvej area!

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