Wood Fraction Analysis

“How can wood waste be recycled in the economic, social and environmentally sustainable best possible manner?”


The wood-fraction analysis is a consultancy report, Lendager Strategy has conducted for a Danish waste disposal company, AffaldPlus. The aim with the analysis is to explore alternative outlets of the waste wood and hereby the possibilities for a higher level of direct reuse and recycling of the wood collected through the recycling centers of the inter-municipal company.
Both in the EU and at a national level, strategic efforts are made towards recycling larger proportions of the produced waste, thereby achieving greater resource efficiency for the benefit of the climate, the environment and the economy. The governmental resource strategy “Denmark Without Waste” from 2013 is being implemented in the municipalities, and hereby they work towards an infrastructure that can direct the waste towards new utilizations for recycling.
The report includes a company analysis, a market analysis and an analysis of potential new outlets, which together constitute a report showing potentials for alternative usages of waste wood that support AffaldPlus’ aim to bring waste higher up the waste management hierarchy.


Company- and marked analysis








Partner in charge: Anders Lendager

Project manager: Malene Køster Lasthein

Employees: Sasha Beckmann, Tobias Melin


The market for waste wood is saturated which means there is too much wood compared to outlets which makes it extremely difficult for the waste handlers to sell the wood through their original sales channels. This applies to both the Danish market but also internationally where the market for recycled wood also is flooded. These market conditions have caused prices on recycled wood to become volatile and declining.
By letting the circular economy constitute an analytical framework in the report, innovative and sustainable suggestions on new sales leads of waste wood have been identified from the specific needs of AffaldPlus.


The report examines AffaldPlus’ wood waste fraction and contributes with innovative, practical and present market potentials. Through the analysis focus is on selected market potentials with the possibility of future cooperation for AffaldPlus.
The report constitutes an informed basis for AffaldPlus in the work of disposing of waste wood, which can fulfill political visions of a greater degree of recycling, including contributing to the national Resource Strategy target of 50% recycling by 2050 and the creation of a greater economic and environmental value of the waste wood than the current.