Lendager UP enables the construction industry to address some of the most pressing global challenges through innovative resource use.

Lendager UP was founded due to the lack of suppliers of upcycle products. We are an idenpendent company that works the product development within resource optimisation and upcycle product development. Upcycling describes the process whereby the value of waste materials is increased through the recycling process, ideally also creating a product with a longer lifespan than the original.

Lendager UP works in close collaboration with Lendager ARC with the development of new innovative building materials and ensures that products adhere to all regulations, standards and legislations.


Digitalization, globalization, urbanization and not least climate changes are transforming the world as we know it. Our global population is growing, and the demand for food, electricity and housing is on the rise.

The building industry has thus a great responsibility. With the exception of water, concrete is the most commonly used material in the world. It has been for a very long time and global trends suggest that it will remain so in the future. With concrete already being responsible for almost five percent of global CO2 emissions, this is a challenge that needs solving. Not only to decrease the five percent but more importantly to ensure that emissions does not increase, as the need for the buildings and concrete increases.

It is estimated that 60 percent of the buildings needed to handle the current levels of growth and urbanisation have not yet been built. Furthermore, it took only three years (2011 – 2013) for China to use more concrete than the USA used in the entire 20th century. Thus urgent actions are needed.

What we see is a world with an abundance of already existing building materials – concrete, brick, wood, plastic, glass and metal – that can be recirculated and become new materials with new functions and increased value. In other words: looking at waste as a resource will change the game for good. And can I let you in on a secret? It’s good business, too!

Imagine how much we could cut down our total CO2 emission if we reached for the stars and employed the principles of circular economy in manufacturing and the built environment on a global scale. In OECD countries alone it would mean a reduction of 479,000 tons of CO2 – that is more than 12 times the total amount of Denmark’s annual emissions.

Thus we can and must work for:

A world where there is no resource scarcity.

A world where our behaviour does not negatively impact our climate.

A world where waste does not exist.

That world is real – and that is the world we at Lendager Group believe in!