The Urban Metabolism-team in Lendager ARC has with The Courtyard Of The Future created the residents’ new green common area on Straussvej in Copenhagen. But the courtyard is much more than that: The Courtyard Of The Future is a solution on climate changes and Copenhagen’s growing challenges with floods. The courtyard makes the challenging rainwater an asset for its residents by creating effective and visible rainwater solutions that forms beautiful garden spaces for common use and extrasensory experiences. The courtyard is built of upcycle building materials and is developed in a collaborative innovation process with the residents and Copenhagen Municipality.

For the first time in history a lake with clean rainwater is created in The Courtyard Of The Future Straussvej. The rainwater for the lake comes from the biological cleaning filters in the courtyard’s northern area and runs along the courtyard’s side walls.


The courtyard’s main landscape concept is a low moving wall, which encircles the entire courtyard. We call it ‘The Climate Wall’. Outside The Climate Wall there is access to the staircases and areas for daily activities, sheds, fire rescue etc. are created. In the center of the courtyard a greenhouse is created with room for subtropical plants, wine, germination, daily activities and joint events. The greenhouse is unheated, but the glass facades collect the sun’s energy and extend the outdoor season in the courtyard with up to 100 days.

Inside The Climate Wall the green heart of the future is formed with the lake area, areas for play and stay, kitchen gardens and water games. In the case of extreme cloudburst, the basin is filled on the inside of The Climate Wall with rainwater from the courtyard and roofs. Thereby, the large amount of rainwater does not go directly into the sewage system and fills op the city’s basements.

In The Courtyard Of The Future the renovation is implemented with reused and upcycled building materials – such an approach is never seen before! This means that all the upcycled waste and building materials have had a previous life in another building. By doing so the renovation saves the environment for high amounts of CO2 as the materials are reused and given new functions – instead of producing new materials.


Overall The Courtyard of The Future turns challenges into resources and creates value for both the courtyard’s residents and the city of Copenhagen. With the courtyard solutions the city and municipality save enormous amounts of money for the renovation of sewages and at the same time increases the habitation and life quality for its residents.

The courtyard is an innovative pioneer- and demonstrations project that has created new systemic and scalable solutions for climate challenges – ready to be implemented in many future courtyard renovations.

TYPE: Courtyard development and climate solution

SIZE: 3,200 m²

SITE: Copenhagen, Denmark

CLIENT: Copenhagen Municipality


STATUS: In progress

YEAR: 2017 –

PARTNER IN CHARGE: Anders Lendager

PROJECT LEADER: Stig Ammitzbøll Jørgensen

TEAM: Sasha Beckmann, Daniel Veenboer, Agata Marzec