Verdens mest besøgte arkitektur website har været en tur forbi vores udstilling Wasteland, som bliver huset af Dansk Arkitektur Center. Reportagen, som blev udgivet den 6. april 2017, fremhæver blandt andet Lendager Groups byggemetode:


“This format allows for much more than just an intake of facts and images; it engages the visitors with the process of transformation that is essential for Lendager Group’s building methods. Understanding the practical implications of the architecture firm’s thought process is not only beneficial in comprehending their building projects, but also enables the knowledge developed through Lendager Group’s architecture to be shared with visitors in order to be analyzed, evaluated and developed further. The exhibition is clearly intended to grow the web of awareness and plant new ideas into the minds of everyone who walks through Wasteland—because if just 1,200 more versions of Upcycle House were built instead of the standard “benchmark house,” 6,700 tons of CO2 could be prevented from being released into our atmosphere.”


Læs hele reportagen via ArchDaily: “Wasteland” Provides a Tactile Insight into the World of Upcycling in Architecture