The ultimate guide to building circular

What if we build our new houses by reusing and upcycling materials from existing buildings bound for demolition? What if what we today call waste was treated as a valuable resource? And what if architects and designers prioritised making beautiful designs with what we already have?


Is it sustainable to reuse building elements from existing houses in new construction projects? Is there a real effect of building in wood? And is there enough waste at all if everyone builds with upcycled materials? The short answer is: yes. In just over 380 pages the new book ‘Solution’ documents the effect by showcasing the two projects, Upcycle Studios and Resource Rows. With extensive use of recycled and upcycled materials, Lendager’s projects Upcycle Studios and the Resource Rows have already garnered awards and publicity as lighthouses in circular construction. With the sweeping data from LCA and LCC analyzes, the release now proves that there is a real sustainable effect to be gained when building circular.