Our services are always tailored to the specific project for each of our clients, based on their needs for sustainable value creation.


Through our interdisciplinary approach, we are able to connect organizational changes with the realization of physical projects and products that fulfill our client’s sustainability ambitions.


We inspire and motivate to take a proactive stance for a better world and turn strategy into action.

We do:

– Architecture

– Advising

– Innovation


Architectural consulting

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Design documentation
  • Masterplanning
  • Planning processes

Client consulting

  • Sustainability strategies
  • Sustainability management
  • Innovation processes
  • Product development
  • Sustainability certification


Resource mapping

Registrering and cataloging available materials, evaluating embodied carbon and market value

Circular client consultancy

Scoping project potentials on building and portfolio level

Process consultancy

Advising in sustainable strategies for clients, developers, material manufacturers, contractors

Roadmap and due diligence

Implementation plan for operationalizing actions and decisions, e.g. regarding EU Taxonomy and CSR


Innovation process management

  • Analysis and benchmarking of current products against alternatives and market trends for sustainability
  • Planning and execution from idea to approved product within the built environment

Business model development

  • Development and creation of new business models based on principles of circular economy
  • Advising on funding opportunities and application processes