Wasteland Exhibition

Eliminating waste by building with it

What if all materials we today consider as waste, could be looped back into the ressource cycle and reused to create beautiful products, houses and cities? What if waste was our largest future resource potential? With the travelling exhibition Wasteland, Lendager explores this important question.


Wasteland is a travelling exhibition. The successful concept has visited Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Italy. In the exhibition Lendager is showcasing the not-so-distant reality, where residues and waste are no longer seen as waste – but as the primary building materials in the development of our cities, homes and communities.

Wasteland displays existing examples of such a world and points the way for future growth and synergy between design, production, consumption and resources. Building facades of old newspapers, floors of cork stoppers and houses ready for demolition being moved from abandoned regions to big cities are just some examples of the paradigm shift in the built environment. Aesthetics is in the center when new design principles are resulting in beautiful, modern, rich in detail buildings and cities.

The exhibition is based on materials we all know – namely: plastic, wood, concrete, brick, glass and metal. We follow them closely in the process from residue into valuable resources of high architectural and aesthetic quality. The format engages visitors in the process of transformation. Our hope is that this exhibition contributes to a new understanding of waste as a valuable resource in the development of our common future.